10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

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An Infographic That Outlines Ten Tactics To Increase the Awareness of Your Brand

10 Simple Ways To Increase Your Brand Awareness. Staring Fen. Brand awareness is everything. Mega-successful companies like Nike and Apple wouldn’t be where they are today if their marketing team didn’t aggressively market their brand. So how do you go about marketing your company? There’s no single method; instead, it’s a cumulative effort of implementing tried and proven ways to get your company name out there. 1. Make Your Story Known. Tell your story; you should try to portray your company as one built from the bottom up through hard work, risk-taking, and making sacrifices. Keep it empowering and positive.Yes, customers are looking for the best products and services at the best prices. However, they are also interested in the people and stories behind the brand. You may have noticed that most websites have an “about us” or “our story” section where they relay the company’s history and how it immerged. 2. Send Useful Tips. You should send a company newsletter. You should regularly send exciting content as well as company news. Newsletters should not be used to endlessly promote your products or services. Each letter should be customer-centric and filled with 3X more valuable information than promotion, unless the customers value what you are pushing, like a new product or significant discount. Most newsletters, though, should contain useful content, such as how-to posts, tutorials, or any content that can embolden the reader in some shape or form without having to make a purchase or sign up for your service. 3. Use Infographics. Don’t be shy about using infographics that help back up your content or claims. Infographics generate far better results compared to merely stating a statistical fact and including a link to the source. According to one study, in fact, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text. This information, in fact, was taken from an infographic! Including infographics in a newsletter or blog post may also increase chances that the content will be shared. This was proven through a scientific study. 4. Be A Guest Blogger. There are many great reasons to write a blog on your website; you might be doing that already. What you probably aren't doing is actively writing as a guest poster for other blogs. Most competing companies probably won’t let you post on their site, but you can look up people who run a blog in your industry as a hobbyist. Contact these people, requesting to post as a guest. It’s a win-win situation: the blogger gets to take a day off from writing, and you get exposure from that blogger’s followers. 5. Experiment with Pull Marketing. Pull marketing refers to any non-invasive marketing. By non-invasive, this means techniques that don’t make customers feel like they’re getting sold something. Cold calling, for example, is the very definition of invasive marketing, also known as push marketing. So what constitutes pull marketing? Organic SEO practices is a prime example, as is providing informative content through blogging, as mentioned earlier. Essentially, you’re letting customers come to you rather than approaching the customers directly. Social media is another example of pull marketing provided that you don’t go into promotional mode. Just make sure you have some incentive for viewers to provide their names and contact information, such as a trial offer or downloadable e-book. 6. Bidable Campaigns. As useful as organic search engine optimization (SEO) can be, it’s also quite competitive especially if you’re in a saturated industry. The limits of SEO may make you consider Pay-Per-Click (PPC). PPC can be done either through Google AdSense, Facebook’s ads or others. Biddable campaigns are especially useful if you’re having trouble getting your site ranked on the first page of the search engine for competitive keyword phrases. PPC is a method to incorporate if you can set aside a budget for a campaign. If you can make more money off each click then it costs, on average, than you can scale up PPC nearly infinitely. 7. Author a Book. Writing a book is time-consuming, but luckily, publishing written work complete with an ISBN is easier than ever with the advent of online publishing platforms. By authoring a book within your industry, you cement your name as a legitimate figure in your area of expertise. By promoting the book or even giving it away for free, you also promote your brand. For exposure, make sure the author section includes your company's name. If you’re a regular blogger, then you have what it takes to release a full-length book. 8. Host Your Own Radio Channel. On YouTube, enter any subject followed by the word “podcast.” You will more than likely find at least one channel with a radio show on that topic. If you have the gift of the gab, then a podcast is an excellent alternative to a blog or can serve as companion material to your written posts. Subjects can be anything industry-related, such as trends, breaking news, a how-to, debate with a guest, or an announcement. Upload podcasts on both your company site and YouTube. Make sure the podcast is listed in podcast directories such as iTunes, PocketCasts, and Spotify. 7. Wear Your Logo On Your Sleeve. You do have a company logo, don’t you? Market the logo wherever possible, both online and offline, some places to display your company brand: On your email signature. Logos like Nike, McDonalds, and Apple are so simple and globally recognized. These companies at one time were young startups. They got to where they are by aggressively displaying their brand, and they did it before the days of the Internet. 10. Host and Event. If you are a company with a localized product, then what better way to meet your local customers than by hosting a get-together? An event makes for a more personal way of getting to know the people that just might become your biggest consumers and brand advocates. Consider a high-profile venue and bringing in a reasonably well-known guest speaker. Of course, you’ll have to promote your event, and that’s a good thing because promoting your event also entails promoting your brand. Brand awareness is all about getting your name out there, and there are numerous ways to do just that. It’s a gradual and ongoing process, but as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Panda Paper Roll Company is a paper roll supplier and mobile payment solution provider in China. In addition to their love for paper industry, Panda Paper Roll is also dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs to run better businesses. You can read more at website: www.pandapaperroll.com. BMB, Brand Marketing Blog, empowers fellow entrepreneurs and professionals with the knowledge on branding we all need to compete. You can read more at website: www.brandmarketingblog.com. Resources: https://unbounce.com/content-marketing/why-do-infographics-make-great-marketing-tools/ http://businesspartnermagazine.com/how-to-create-a-killer-logo/ https://www.weareultimate.co.uk/corporate-events-can-help-strengthen-brand/ https://www.pandapaperroll.com/6-ways-that-thermal-receipt-paper-can-act-as-a-marketing-tool-infographic/

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10 Simple Ways to Build Your Brand Awareness.

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