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Why does professional logo design cost so much?

Clients can purchase logos range from free to tens of thousands of dollars. Entrepreneurs can get sticker shock from some professional logo designer’s quotes. The process of arriving at a high quality logo is requires time and talent, and top quality designers are in demand. A well designed logo can really help your company grow it’s revenue and brand.

Framing Effect in Marketing and Advertising

Framing Effect in Marketing and Advertising

How a piece of information is framed can make it more or less effective at changing behavior. I assumed, as you might have, that the framing effect was just about how we present information. But I was surprised to learn that delves into our psychology, cognitive...

How To Structure a Blog Post

This is the the blog post structure that Google likes and readers love. I have written the content for over three hundred blog posts, and for a long time and the vast majority of those posts, the way I wrote them had no chance to rank in Google. Not only that, but...

Beyond Meat brand profile

Beyond Meat brand profile

No more mystery for the plant-meat brand. The science, history, marketing and future of Beyond Meat. If I could be known as anything, it would be an expert on branding. But a close second would be an environmentalist; I am very concerned about global warming. I have...