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  • Dr. Duane Varan Interview

    Dr. Duane Varan Interview

    Colin Finkle interviews Dr. Duane Varan and discusses what is happening neurologically with trusted brands, brand associations, and new advertising technologies

  • What is Brand Equity?

    What is Brand Equity?

    Brand Equity: the portion a company’s value attributable to its brand(s). I have always been interested in why some brands are loved so much that they have a cult following, like Apple, and why people are willing to trade a small fortune to be part of a brand, like Ferrari. These brands are so awesome because…

  • Brand Promise

    Brand Promise

    When a customer sees a brand, it is meaningful because of the promise that is implied. If I see Starbucks on a building, I am promised that great coffee and a cozy environment is inside. A brand promise is not a tag line or value proposition. We show you how to write a brand promise…

  • 11 Examples of Brand Essence

    11 Examples of Brand Essence

    Eleven examples of brands with a clear, unique and powerful Brand Essence. I often get subtle eye roles from the decision makers for the brands I work with when I ask questions like: “if your brand were a car, what make would it be?” The men and women in my office are probably thinking: “dude,…