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Logo Design Trends for 2018

Companies are investing in rebranding to make their logos effective. Sometimes the people of an organization look at their logo and ask some tough questions. “Is this logo working anymore? Does this represent us anymore? Read more…


Jody Ordioni interview

Wake up, executives. You have a brand with your employees, and it is affecting the bottom line, big time. Colin Finkle: What is the definition of the term “brand” to you? Jody Ordioni: To me, Read more…

Branding Definitions

What is Visual Language?

Visual Language definition /ˈviZH(o͞o)əl/ /ˈlaNGɡwij/ noun. a consistent aesthetic, both overall and in details, between a family of products. “the Mazda 3 share a visual language with the Shinari concept car.” synonyms: design language, visual Read more…