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  • Joshua Doty Interview

    Joshua Doty Interview

    Joshua Doty and Colin Finkle discuss how brand consistency is essential if an organization wants to connect with people. Inconsistent brands fail to build value and make an impression on their customers, and a brand that is all over the place reflects poorly on the products it sells. Brands that maintain a high level of…

  • Brand Consistency

    Brand Consistency

    Brand consistency is maintaining a uniform presentation. Your brand will be more valuable consistent, and how inconsistency hurts your brand. Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola maintain consistency.

  • Brand Promise

    Brand Promise

    When a customer sees a brand, it is meaningful because of the promise that is implied. If I see Starbucks on a building, I am promised that great coffee and a cozy environment is inside. A brand promise is not a tag line or value proposition. We show you how to write a brand promise…

  • Where do business names come from? The 7 types of business names.

    Where do business names come from? The 7 types of business names.

    It helps when naming your business if you know the types of brand names. All of the 300+ million company names fall into one of these categories 7 categories: eponymous, descriptive, acronymic, suggestive, associative, non-English and abstract. We talk about 77 real world examples.

  • What is a Brand Association?

    What is a Brand Association?

    Brand associations are the mental connections between a brand and people, places, things, and emotions. These associations may turn people to or away from your brand. Being mindful and strategic about them will build brand equity efficiently.