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  1. Diane Finkle Perazzo Avatar

    Great article! Although I didn’t realize it 20 years ago, calling my business “Wordsmith Writing and Editing Services” proved to be one of the most effective actions I took to attract online customers. Although you hear the term a lot now, back then, the word “wordsmith” was just entering the lexicon. Although my current website is WOEFULLY out of date I still get customer inquiries from all over the world from folks who enter the search term “wordsmith”.

    I also agree that it is very important to create value for a specific group of customers and “soft-market” yourself to them in a friendly, collegial way. This is where my real bread and butter jobs come from. In my case I was able to build a niche as a writer in health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

  2. Diane Perazzo Avatar

    This is a great interview! Thanks for posting it. I was very fortunate over 20 years ago to choose the name “Wordsmith” for my business when the term was just beginning to be used. My website is very out of date and I don’t do a lot of promotion on social media but I quite regularly receive requests for writing and editing services because people Google the name “Wordsmith” and find me that way.

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