Category: Interviews

  • Dr. Duane Varan Interview

    Dr. Duane Varan Interview

    Colin Finkle interviews Dr. Duane Varan and discusses what is happening neurologically with trusted brands, brand associations, and new advertising technologies

  • Joshua Doty Interview

    Joshua Doty Interview

    Joshua Doty and Colin Finkle discuss how brand consistency is essential if an organization wants to connect with people. Inconsistent brands fail to build value and make an impression on their customers, and a brand that is all over the place reflects poorly on the products it sells. Brands that maintain a high level of…

  • Allen Adamson Interview

    Allen Adamson Interview

    The author of Shift Ahead speaks with Colin Finkle about the pace of market change and how to keep up. It is easy to think of brands that were once dominant but fell off the map: Sears, Blockbuster, Oldsmobile, etc. It is also easy to play “what if?” What if Sears move their catalog business…

  • Rhonda Merchant. Bring marketing ideas to recruiting.

    Rhonda Merchant. Bring marketing ideas to recruiting.

    Colin Finkle speaks with Rhonda Merchant, Director of Talent Acquisition at Main Event. How tapping into a consumer rebrand reduced hiring costs and turnover.

  • Ricky Kesler interview

    Ricky Kesler interview

    We talk passive income websites with Ricky Kesler from Income School. He is one half of a duo who coaches people trying to change their financial situation on YouTube. Both here and on their channel, Ricky doesn’t hold back. We talk about brand identity, looking spammy, know-like-trust factor, and more.

  • Jacob Cass interview

    Jacob Cass interview

    Jacob Cass travels the world with his wife and his laptop creating inspired design work for grateful clients along the way. We all have been given the advice: “envision a life that you would be proud of, and then take steps to make it happen.” It’s meant to be inspiring, but it is always a…

  • Nick Westergaard interview

    Nick Westergaard interview

    How bravery in marketing can lead the human moments in which great brands are forged. I often catch myself doing small brand reviews of commercial vehicles while in my own car; mostly small business whose truck graphics will be the most prominent billboard they will ever own. It is mostly as one would expect: a…

  • Jody Ordioni interview

    Jody Ordioni interview

    Wake up, executives. You have a brand with your employees, and it is affecting the bottom line, big time. I, Colin Finkle, am guilty of this: when the industry, including me, talks about branding, we mean an organization’s brand with its customers unless we explicitly say otherwise. The consumer brand is the fun bit, and…

  • Daryl Weber interview

    Daryl Weber interview

    The framework for using science to make marketing decisions. When science and marketing meet, something special happens: we start dealing with how things are as opposed to how we think they are. We make assumptions when we are marketing a company, and we very rarely have the opportunity to test them. We are best to…

  • Jay Baer interview

    Jay Baer interview

    Customer service: the new spectator sport. Your brand is up to bat. You probably think your company is hitting it out of the park with customer service. Well, sorry to break it to you, but you are probably only hitting singles and may even be hitting foul balls. And now, everyone is watching because customers…