Author: Lexie Lu

  • Brand Priming

    Brand Priming

    The power of brands can seem mysterious; why does the mention Nike have so much more influence than a lesser-known brand? How do we manage our brands to have that power? I wonder that all the time, and you may too. One of the reasons branding works is because of brand priming. Pairing the brand…

  • Making a Brand Memorable & Recognizable

    Making a Brand Memorable & Recognizable

    There are some brand names you recognize the minute you hear them. Creating a well-known brand isn’t only for large corporations. You can probably think of at least one lawyer in your area right now because they’ve branded themselves in an interesting way, e.g., Joe “The Hammer” Harabi, attorney at law!  A smart and unique…

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    How Industry 4.0 Makes Our Businesses Better Manufacturing is changing at a rapid pace, thanks to advancements in technology. It’s beyond replacing a few workers with robots. Today’s industry is all about a fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) in manufacturing. In going beyond adopting automation and computers, 4.0 takes things another step and creates smart systems…

  • 11 Examples of Brand Personality In Action

    11 Examples of Brand Personality In Action

    Etro adventurous personality comes through their store front display. Wendy’s has sassy responses on Twitter. Learn ways to express your brand’s personality.