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  • “The Talent Brand” book review

    “The Talent Brand” book review

    Build a strong brand while attracting top talent, reducing HR costs and increasing the loyalty of employees and customers. The good. Talent Brand Thesis Strong thesis: strong brands are built from the employees out. Up Your Game Use some of the paradigms directly in your business or consulting. Tried and True Branding Principles Classic branding…

  • Brand Standards Guide

    Brand Standards Guide

    How to create an effective brand standards manual. Executive Summary  |  Abstract  |  TL;DR The purpose of a brand standards is to build consistency. They are forward-looking. Think about what the users of your brand standards are looking for. Users of brand standards include designers, copywriters, marketers, business development, staff, and vendors. Plan out your…

  • Brand Seduction book review

    Brand Seduction book review

    Psychology and neuroscience meet branding. The good. Real Science This book is based on 60 years of psychology and neuroscience. True Branding About how the feeling of a brand drives sales. Usable Actionable practices you can use tomorrow. The bad. Critical of Marketing This book may be hard on how you have been working. Analytical…