Branding How To

These articles are how-to articles telling you specifically what you have to do to develop and build your companies brand.

Choosing colors for a brand

Choosing Colors for a Brand

More than half (62-90%) of a customers judgement of a brand comes from color. To choose the best colors for a logo or a brand, a graphic designer needs to consider context, competition, culture, contrast, color gamut, and company.

Eleven Star Experience.

11 Star Exercise: The Key to Word Of Mouth Marketing

Envisioning the perfect experience for your customers so you can enable viral growth. Imagine a 1 star, 3 star, 5 star experience, then go beyond to 7 star, 9 star and even 11-star. Going to the extreme is fun and will make the easier answers seem more attainable.

Beautiful woman blowing snow. What's in a name? Naming a lifestyle brand.

Generating a Company Name That Fits The Ski Lifestyle

Finding a novel, short, impactful name that is in the intersection of personal care and the snowboard / ski lifestyle. We use the Multiply Method to generate hundreds of brand names, and eliminate all to arrive at an amazing name that comes with a 7-letter domain name!

Ski lifestyle. A group of 9 skiiers and boarders posting on a mountain. Quiksilver, DC Shoes

Lifestyle Brand Plan

A strategy is the best position for success, and tactics are how you plan to get from where you are to that ideal strategic position. How do you create a plan to build a lifestyle brand? Work backward. You may not have the domain knowledge to know every step. Ask your suppliers and hire consultants. Write action-oriented steps; resources and timing will come later. This can be overwhelming work so take your time.