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  1. Sahil Avatar

    Nice post. As I’m a newbie in this field, it’s very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      I am glad it was helpful!

  2. Oliver Brewer Avatar
    Oliver Brewer

    Thanks for the help. Very informative.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      No prob, Oliver. Keep coming back!

  3. Chris Power-Gomez Avatar

    Awe, what’s all this ‘brand’ marketing crap? If I spend a dollar on marketing, I want ten bucks back… tomorrow! Let’s get real, huh. Dave Smith, president Plain Wrap Widgets.

    Just kidd’n. I have lived, breathed and been an advocate of brand marketing since before electricity. I’ve been a brand developer since the ice age, and see very clearly how nothing… nothing precedes the brand, and all is derived from the brand. Hello!

    Chris Power-Gomez – Power-Gomez Brand Marketing

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Yeah… You kind of hit on the reason I felt the need to start this blog. We went 50 years where people knew brands were a thing and considered the collective marketing experience. Then, in the last 10 years or so, direct response marketing gained a huge foothold. Suddenly, the brand marketer was the weird one in the meetings.

  4. Sharat Chandra Chennuri Avatar

    I have written some articles on Brand Marketing and Digital Statergies
    Request you to kindly check the same and provide your feed back

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Sharat. I will give them a look over.

  5. Mark Lowery Avatar

    I’ve created a Real Estate , see website listed above. I’m trying to build its brand. I’m not sure where I should start and my resources are limited.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Mark. Great website. It looks clean and modern so it presents as professional. Your logo is a little generic, which might keep you from being remembered by potential clients. Given your resources are low, I would use 99 Designs to run a logo design contest for $399.

      Also, I wrote an article for people not knowing where to start:

      Give that a read and let me know how you are feeling afterward. All the best!

  6. Manish Sharma Avatar

    Thanks, colin for sharing your article. It is a very helpful & readable article.

    Keep it up to continue & sharing

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Thanks Manish! I am glad you enjoyed reading it, and found it helpful.

  7. Ankit Kharola Avatar

    It depends what you are looking for – there are hundreds of brands around the world, most of which are making money from the brands they are promoting. Brand marketing is about how brands are marketing themselves, and what their message to clients is.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Yes. I agree, Ankit: brand marketing is about how brand are marketing themselves. Marketing at it’s core is about what you are telling potential customers, and how. There are brands out there who are selling products and making money, and the savvy ones are building a brand at the same time. They are focusing on the customer and value they are providing, rather than pushing the sale. And presenting their content in a consistent and stylish way in order to be memorable.

  8. Laravel Development Avatar

    Hi Colin, thanks for sharing a very informative blog with us. It’s very helpful for us to grow our business online. Thanks and keep sharing an informative blog with us.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      You’re welcome! I am glad it was helpful. I hope you now are excited to grow the Laravel Development brand.

  9. mark Avatar

    Although brand marketing has it’s place as a long term business strategy, a heavy focus on brand marketing at the expense of direct response marketing will most likely result in a start up closing it’s doors before it’s able to establish it’s brand due to poor cash-flow. Although Brand marketing has the potential to build a company’s value over time it does virtually nothing to put badly needed cash in the bank in the short to medium term.
    Your statement about direct response marketing being about short term gains and direct response marketers “having no fear of losing their relationship with their customers” is completely misguided.
    Any good direct response marketer knows that offering exceptional value, and a product or service where the customer actually gets real value and benefits fro the product or service is the key to direct response marketing. If anything the opposite is true. When a business is focused on simply promoting it’s brand and telling it’s customers how good it’s brand is because we are the biggest and best it’s completely missing the whole point of it’s existence – The business is there to serve it’s clients, and it does that by offering exceptional products and services that deliver benefits and value to it’s customers.
    Direct response marketing is simply a vehicle that is used to convey that message. After all, Marketing is all about communicating the value of your products and services to your customers.
    The cost and effort required to market a brand effectively is really only viable for large corporations. If most small, mum and dad startup companies followed a “Brand Marketing” approach they would be unlikely to last their first year.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Mark. It seems as if you believe that brand marketing is devoid of references to the product, calls to action, and the value it creates in people’s lives; that is not true. A good brand marketing campaign makes the customer the hero of the story, and highlights the long term. The goal is to associate those benefits with the brand.

      You mention that focusing on brand is only effective for large corporations because it will lead smaller organizations to a cash flow crisis. I understand where you are coming from because small organizations have less access to investment and credit.

      But corporations are even more focused on short term return on investment. They live quarter to quarter as well because of the stock market, yet they still invest in brand marketing campaigns. Why do you think that is? It is because a combination of brand marketing with direct response is the most effective.

      I am not advocating that mum and dad startup companies take out advertisements promoting their brand in the first year. What I want them to do is focus on the relationships with their customers rather than one transaction at a time.

  10. Mercy Avatar

    To create a sustainable brand identity, it is important to understand the basics of branding and its face value on the market. Only then can brand identity evolve.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      I completely agree, Mercy. Well put.

  11. skymultitech Avatar

    thanks for sharing a very informative blog with us. It’s very helpful for us to grow our business online.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      I am glad it helped!

  12. rachel frampton Avatar

    I recently started operating a cosmetic business, and since I’m not an expert about coming up with an effective strategy, I’m thinking of hiring a business planning service instead. I agree with you that it would be best to invest in brand equity, which could help with the company’s sales. You also made a pretty good point about how a direct marketing response could attract more customers.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Rachel. I think it is a good thing that you recognize that you could use help in planning out the brand strategy for your business. I need advisors to help me figure out “what’s next” for BMB because I am so deep into the weeds that it is hard to pull back to the 50,000 foot view. Cosmetics is an industry where the value of brands can be quite high; when Kylie Cosmetics was sold to Coty, it was valued at $1.2 billion, and most of that was the value built into the brand.

  13. Shaurya Jain Avatar

    Thanks for posting such a useful article. Brand marketing is a way to make people realize in a special way about a product. It differentiates other products from a particular product and gives it new recognition in the market.

  14. Anil Kumar Avatar

    Great Information,
    Thank you, Colin for sharing this content about brand marketing. It is a very helpful article.
    Keep sharing!!!

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      My pleasure, Anil. I am happy it was helpful.

  15. Alex Scott Avatar

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  16. Leads Brand Connect Avatar

    You have shared some great advice and I got great information from your post. Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customers feel smart.

  17. Colin Finkle Avatar

    Thank you! I love “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customers feel smart.” I was recently doing a competitive review and was amazed how long it took the websites of these small businesses to mention the customer. The customer is the star of the show, not the brand!

  18. Gargi Sharma Avatar

    I appreciate your content quality. Thanks for sharing this informative post on brand marketing with some interesting points. keep sharing.

  19. Suresh Avatar

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  20. Johan Max Avatar

    Remember, whether you try to create a movement like Apple, tell a story like Nike or have great brand recognition like McDonalds, the more thorough you are in your brand marketing, the simpler it will be to create, launch and grow with each of your marketing campaigns.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Yes, Johan. That subsequent ease of launching products or running campaigns has value (brand equity) and that builds over time, assuming the brand is consistent.

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  22. jodh singh Avatar

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