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  • 100 Thieves brand profile

    100 Thieves brand profile

    Looking at the culture, apparel, and history of one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands. I have been hearing people in my circles talk about this new name, 100 Thieves, that is doing some exciting stuff to build their brand. Then I watched their video touring of their compound, and I was fascinated. I researched…

  • What are Table Stakes in Business?

    What are Table Stakes in Business?

    Have you ever heard your colleague or a business pundit, like Jason Calacanis, use the term “table stakes” and wondered what they meant? I researched it, and have the answer for you. Table stakes highlight an essential concept in branding: meeting minimum customer expectations.

  • Allen Adamson Interview

    Allen Adamson Interview

    The author of Shift Ahead speaks with Colin Finkle about the pace of market change and how to keep up. It is easy to think of brands that were once dominant but fell off the map: Sears, Blockbuster, Oldsmobile, etc. It is also easy to play “what if?” What if Sears move their catalog business…

  • What is a Veblen Good?

    What is a Veblen Good?

    Diamonds and Ferrari’s. Goods and brands that cannot seem to charge enough to lower demand. I was taught the law of demand when I went took economics at Carleton University. If something can be made cheaper, then people will buy more of it. If the price is raised, then people buy less. But some brands…

  • Logo Design Trends for 2020

    Logo Design Trends for 2020

    Understanding the trends forcing companies to rebrand will help you develop better logos. Logos are a part of our culture, and culture is always in flux. Aesthetic preferences change, things don’t mean what they used to, and perceptions of logos may not be what they once were. Many companies spend millions of dollars to rebrand to ensure…

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    How Industry 4.0 Makes Our Businesses Better Manufacturing is changing at a rapid pace, thanks to advancements in technology. It’s beyond replacing a few workers with robots. Today’s industry is all about a fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) in manufacturing. In going beyond adopting automation and computers, 4.0 takes things another step and creates smart systems…

  • How To Design An Exterior Business Sign

    How To Design An Exterior Business Sign

    A complete guide to help business owners and graphic designers develop exterior business signs that stand out. Feature Image: Sundry Photography – In the decade I have spent helping brands market themselves at retail, I have designed many signs for inside spaces. I understand what makes effective signage. But recently, I had the opportunity…

  • Endorsements in Marketing

    Endorsements in Marketing

    Defining Endorsement Marketing and a guide to when / how to use endorsements to build your brand. Endorsements are a large part of marketing. Purportedly 28% of Nike’s enormous marketing budget goes to athletes to secure their endorsements. We see famous faces on the ads and packaging from everything from bed sheets to cereal. And…

  • Why does professional logo design cost so much?

    Why does professional logo design cost so much?

    Clients can purchase logos range from free to tens of thousands of dollars. Entrepreneurs can get sticker shock from some professional logo designer’s quotes. The process of arriving at a high quality logo is requires time and talent, and top quality designers are in demand. A well designed logo can really help your company grow…

  • 11 Examples of Brand Personality In Action

    11 Examples of Brand Personality In Action

    Etro adventurous personality comes through their store front display. Wendy’s has sassy responses on Twitter. Learn ways to express your brand’s personality.