3 Responses to “Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie interview”

  1. Kelly Childs Avatar

    Thank you Colin! This was such a fun interview. 🙂
    Our cookbook, Made With Love, is available right now to order as a Pre-release book online and is in stores April 5.
    We will send you a copy once we get it in our hands. (Available on Indigo, Barnes and Noble and Costco websites already).
    We look forward to a follow up interview once the book hits the shelves….always more to share. xo
    Thank you so very much Colin for reaching out to us.
    Kelly and Erinn

  2. Colleen childs Avatar
    Colleen childs

    Ever so great Kelly!! You outdo yourself! , You have reached out to so many,including me. I
    appreciate all you do. Amazing what you two have accomplished in such a short time. Keep
    Going. Love momxxoo

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