How To Structure a Blog Post

How To Structure a Blog Post

This is the the blog post structure that Google likes and readers love. I have written the content for over three hundred blog posts, and for a long time and the vast majority of those posts, the way I wrote …

Beyond Meat Brand Case Study. Beyond Meat logo on a background of hamburgers being grilled on a barbecue.

Beyond Meat brand profile

No more mystery for the plant-meat brand. The science, history, marketing and future of Beyond Meat. If I could be known as anything, it would be an expert on branding. But a close second would be an environmentalist; I am …

Brand Extension Examples

Good examples of brand extensions make for a better strategic position. Bad ones are ugly. We detail examples of brand extensions from Apple, Callaway, Ferrari, Google, Snoop Dogg, Fender, and Cosmopolitan.

Brand Promise: What, Why, and Examples. Starbucks logo on a cup promises that there is great coffee inside.

Brand Promise

When a customer sees a brand, it is meaningful because of the promise that is implied. If I see Starbucks on a building, I am promised that great coffee and a cozy environment is inside. A brand promise is not a tag line or value proposition. We show you how to write a brand promise statement and show you examples from big brands.

Co-Branding: Strategic Business Partnerships


More than the sum of their parts; brands can collaborate for great success (or disaster!) Co-branding can be great when two brands come together to make a product that neither brand would be able to pull off alone. But they fail when the new product is out of the scope of what customers could reasonably expect from the brand.

Man accepting ownership of a Porsche Panamera in front of a Porsche dealership. Power of Branding: Why It Works

The Power Of Branding

The effect of branding is powerful, or nearly every company would not feel the need to have a name and a logo. The power of branding is to influence actions; a strong brand can lubricate the process of asking for purchases, likes, shares, donations, or whatever action a business desires. This is because of our subconscious ability to gather reputations.

Examples of Brand Essence. The essence of BMW, Walt Disney, Apple, and Monstercat

11 Examples of Brand Essence

Eleven examples of brands with a clear, unique and powerful Brand Essence. I often get subtle eye roles from the decision makers for the brands I work with when I ask questions like: “if your brand were a car, what …