How To Structure a Blog Post

How To Structure a Blog Post

This is the the blog post structure that Google likes and readers love. I have written the content for over three hundred blog posts, and for a long time and the vast majority of those posts, the way I wrote …

Beyond Meat Brand Case Study. Beyond Meat logo on a background of hamburgers being grilled on a barbecue.

Beyond Meat brand profile

No more mystery for the plant-meat brand. The science, history, marketing and future of Beyond Meat. If I could be known as anything, it would be an expert on branding. But a close second would be an environmentalist; I am …

Brand Extension Examples

Good examples of brand extensions make for a better strategic position. Bad ones are ugly. We detail examples of brand extensions from Apple, Callaway, Ferrari, Google, Snoop Dogg, Fender, and Cosmopolitan.

Brand Promise: What, Why, and Examples. Starbucks logo on a cup promises that there is great coffee inside.

Brand Promise

When a customer sees a brand, it is meaningful because of the promise that is implied. If I see Starbucks on a building, I am promised that great coffee and a cozy environment is inside. A brand promise is not a tag line or value proposition. We show you how to write a brand promise statement and show you examples from big brands.