2018 Logo Design Trends. Logos for: Burberry, Uber, Cox, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Channel 10, Qualcomm, Origin, Mailchimp, PALM, Game Show Network, Amex, and more.

2019 Logo Design Trends

Knowing the trends forcing companies to rebrand will help you develop better logos. Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR  We used notable corporate rebrandings of the last year to signal logo design trends because there are reasons big organizations spend …

DC Shoes Brand Profile. A man skateboarding doing an inversion trick at sunset in a skate park.

Lifestyle brand case study: DC Shoes

From community college classroom $100 M in sales; DC Shoes’ grind to become one of the most iconic lifestyle brands. Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR DC Shoes is a brand associated with the skateboarder lifestyle. It was founded by …

What is rebranding? Rebranding examples: Uber, Microsoft, and Hertz


Rebranding is changing a brand’s name, logo, or a structural change in the brand identity. Rebranding is corrective; the only reason to rebrand is to solve a problem. A substantially new brand identity allows new opinions to form.

Income School. Ricky Kesler interview.

Ricky Kesler interview

We talk passive income websites with Ricky Kesler from Income School. He is one half of a duo who coaches people trying to change their financial situation on YouTube. Both here and on their channel, Ricky doesn’t hold back. We talk about brand identity, looking spammy, know-like-trust factor, and more.

Peer Influence and Marketing. Two peers holding hands on a train track.

Peer Influence in Marketing

Peer influence is how the behavior of the people around us impacts our own behavior. When it comes to marketing, purchasing is the behaviour that marketers try to influence, as well as the actual use of the product. Therefore peer influence in marketing is how the behavior of others influences our likelihood to buy and use a product.

Athleta. Lifestyle Brand Profile

Athleta history & brand profile

Athleta is a brand of women’s activewear. They make clothing that women are comfortable to be active in through both the fit and style of the garments as well as their empowering message: “The Power of She.” Athleta was founded in 1998 in Petaluma, CA. The brand was purchased by Gap for $150 million in 2008. Their revenue is approximately $750 million. Nancy Green is the CEO.

Top 100 Brands

Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018 report: The Good and The Bad

The Interbrand report is out and they have identified some trends. Brands that have grown are willing to change business models, put the customer as CEO, and make sure customer value and the brand are at the forefront of the company culture. But the report lacks a broader context, and niche / influencer brands are a growing presence in people’s lives.

Brand Association Definition. Golden Gate Bridge in black and white.

What is a Brand Association?

Brand associations are the mental connections between a brand and people, places, things, and emotions. These associations may turn people to or away from your brand. Being mindful and strategic about them will build brand equity efficiently.