The Nike brand is associated with running, training, sports, and shoes.

What is a Brand Association?

Brand associations are the mental connections between a brand and people, places, things, and emotions. These associations may turn people to or away from your brand. Being mindful and strategic about them will build brand equity efficiently.

Eleven Star Experience.

11 Star Exercise: The Key to Word Of Mouth Marketing

Envisioning the perfect experience for your customers so you can enable viral growth. Imagine a 1 star, 3 star, 5 star experience, then go beyond to 7 star, 9 star and even 11-star. Going to the extreme is fun and will make the easier answers seem more attainable.

Beautiful woman blowing snow. What's in a name? Naming a lifestyle brand.

Generating a Company Name That Fits The Ski Lifestyle

Finding a novel, short, impactful name that is in the intersection of personal care and the snowboard / ski lifestyle. We use the Multiply Method to generate hundreds of brand names, and eliminate all to arrive at an amazing name that comes with a 7-letter domain name!

What makes a good logo? Tesla Model S and Tesla logo

What makes a good logo?

A bad logo can inhibit a good organization. A logo is intended to be a mental shortcut to past experiences with a brand, hopefully bringing up good feelings. A good logo is distinct, and not generic. A good logo is simple, and not complex. A good logo is appropriate, and not awkward. A good logo is striking, and not bland. A good logo is legally protectable, and not indefensible.

Ski lifestyle. A group of 9 skiiers and boarders posting on a mountain. Quiksilver, DC Shoes

Lifestyle Brand Plan

A strategy is the best position for success, and tactics are how you plan to get from where you are to that ideal strategic position. How do you create a plan to build a lifestyle brand? Work backward. You may not have the domain knowledge to know every step. Ask your suppliers and hire consultants. Write action-oriented steps; resources and timing will come later. This can be overwhelming work so take your time.