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  • Middleman or Intermediary

    Middleman or Intermediary

    Intermediation, or letting other businesses get in the way of customers, can build a brand but put it in a poor strategic position. Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR A middleman or intermediary is an individual or company with a business interest in staying between one company and its customer. Good intermediaries can provide access…

  • What is Brand Identity?

    What is Brand Identity?

    The definition of brand identity (or corporate identity): the collection of designs that represent an organization to customers. You may be asking: What are common pieces in a brand identity? How is brand identity differ from brand image? What makes for an effective brand identity? Brand Identity is what designers contribute to the brand. As…

  • What is Brand Awareness?

    What is Brand Awareness?

    Understanding Brand Awareness Photo Credit: Model photo by Wayhome Studio. Background by zephyr_p. Both via Adobe Stock. Design by Colin Finkle. Brand Awareness is a count of the people who know about your brand. Brand awareness is the number of people who dedicate at least one neuron to a brand. If they have any awareness…

  • Introduction to The Brand Cycle

    Introduction to The Brand Cycle

    The Brand Cycle is a helpful framework for your customers’ journey with your brand. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur or executive who has a handle on the entire customer journey. Marketing and sales oriented people know what leads up the the sale, engineers know how the product is used, and customer service and…

  • What is Brand Dilution?

    What is Brand Dilution?

    Have you watched a brand you love just mean less and less? A tragic tale! Brand dilution is the act of making a brand weaker via overuse. When a product doesn’t meet its brand promise, the brand loses it’s meaning

  • What is a lifestyle brand?

    What is a lifestyle brand?

    Some of the most powerful brands are based on lifestyles that we aspire to. Most of us, including me, live pretty boring lives; enjoyable, lovely, but boring.  But wearing a t-shirt, scent or hand bag allows our imagination to put us in that lifestyle, and associate ourselves with the cool people who embody that way…

  • What is brand frame of reference? What is brand scope?

    What is brand frame of reference? What is brand scope?

    The definition of brand scope or brand frame of reference is what customers expect from your brand. Have you had an experience like this? Let me know in the comments. I was shopping at Costco and pulled into the relatively quiet towel aisle because my toddler was disruptive. I noticed that they had a six…

  • Overview of Brand Relationship Strategies

    Overview of Brand Relationship Strategies

    Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR In an organization with multiple products, brands or sub-brands, their relationships to each other need to be carefully considered because they will have an impact on each other’s brand associations and brand equity. There are five strategies. 1) Master Brand strategy: the company brand is the focus and is…

  • What is a brand?

    What is a brand?

    Definition of Brand The definition of a brand means different things to different people. For the purposes this blog, we will define a brand as: The aggregate total of perceptions the customers and potential customers have towards an individual or organization and its offerings based on prior experience and media. That is a lot to process. Don’t worry,…