2018 Logo Design Trends. Logos for: Burberry, Uber, Cox, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Channel 10, Qualcomm, Origin, Mailchimp, PALM, Game Show Network, Amex, and more.

2019 Logo Design Trends

Knowing the trends forcing companies to rebrand will help you develop better logos. Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR  We used notable corporate rebrandings of the last year to signal logo design trends because there are reasons big organizations spend money on rebranding to certain logos. The overall trends are Read more…

What makes a good logo? Tesla Model S and Tesla logo

What makes a good logo?

A bad logo can inhibit a good organization. A logo is intended to be a mental shortcut to past experiences with a brand, hopefully bringing up good feelings. A good logo is distinct, and not generic. A good logo is simple, and not complex. A good logo is appropriate, and not awkward. A good logo is striking, and not bland. A good logo is legally protectable, and not indefensible.

eSports tournament. Guy gamer, girl gamer go at it in row of computer screens.

eSports Logo Design

Challenging myself to make a gaming team logo to compete with the best. Only then can I call myself an eSports logo designer! Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR Colin Finkle tries to design an eSports logo. This is for a yet-to-be-created gaming team called: Strike Team. The Strike Team Read more…

Logo Design Trends for 2018

Companies are investing in rebranding to make their logos effective. Executive Summary | Abstract | TL;DR We used corporate rebrandings to signal logo design trends. The overall trend is towards simplicity and effectiveness over style so logos can display better on mobile and social media. The specific trends are toward simplification, not Read more…