We are taking the mystery out so that you can start your own lifestyle brand.

Executive Summary  |  Abstract  |  TL;DR
Lifestyle brands are effective because they help customers express themselves. They seem impossible to start because they need to be scaled to work. How do you scale? Integrating with the media people in your lifestyle are consuming. We are going to demonstrate the solution by starting our own lifestyle brand in this series.

Lifestyle brands are some of the most beloved. They allow customers to associate themselves with aspirational lifestyles and communities they want to be a part of. They help customers express themselves.

It can seem impossible to start a lifestyle brand or grow your brand into one. There is an inherent chicken and the egg problem to be solved: you need to be associated with a lifestyle to grow / you can’t be associated with a lifestyle until you grow.

There is a solution to this problem, and that is to integrate yourself into the media related to that lifestyle. That media could be music videos for Beats by Dre, or pro skater endorsements for DC Shoes, or hiking magazines for Arc’teryx. The lifestyle brand strategy is far more nuanced than that, so we hope that you will read our lifestyle brand series and grow your knowledge and gain the confidence to execute a lifestyle brand of your own.

We are going to start the series exploring what precisely a lifestyle brand is. We are then going to take a deeper dive into Beats by Dre, DC Shoes and Arc’teryx. We are going to examine what they have in common. Then we are going to start our own skiing lifestyle brand; we are going to plan, name, design a logo, design packaging and get feedback on our brand.

Lifestyle brand series:

Part 1: What is a lifestyle brand?

Part 2: Profile of a lifestyle brand – Beats by Dre

Part 3: Profile of a lifestyle brand – DC Shoes

Part 4: Profile of a lifestyle brand – Arc’teryx

Part 5: What do Beats, DC Shoes and Arc’teryx have in common?

Part 6: Lifestyle Brand Strategy – Defining success for our skiing brand.

Part 7: Lifestyle Brand Plan – The list of steps to successfully create our brand.

Part 8: What’s in a name? Naming our skiing lifestyle brand.

Part 9: Logo – Our skiing lifestyle brand gets a face.

Part 10: Tagline – Distilling our value proposition down to a few words.

Part 11: Packaging design – Working backward, our ski brand gets packaged before we have a product.

Part 12: Brand Feedback – Letting the experts criticize our ski lifestyle brand.

Part 13: Implementing Feedback – what to action and what to ignore?

Part 14: Brand Licensing – our skiing lifestyle brand seeks domain experts.