Author: Colin Finkle

  • What does Toyetic mean?

    What does Toyetic mean?

    one that could easily be made into a marketable toy. A character, object, or vehicle with a manufacturable shape and kids want to play with. Toyetic things can come from movies, cartoons, shows, books, comic books, and video games.

  • Dr. Duane Varan Interview

    Dr. Duane Varan Interview

    Colin Finkle interviews Dr. Duane Varan and discusses what is happening neurologically with trusted brands, brand associations, and new advertising technologies

  • Brand Architecture

    Brand Architecture

    Brand Architecture is how businesses organize their offerings into brands for the customers. This article dives into examples from Coca-Cola and Honda.

  • Joshua Doty Interview

    Joshua Doty Interview

    Joshua Doty and Colin Finkle discuss how brand consistency is essential if an organization wants to connect with people. Inconsistent brands fail to build value and make an impression on their customers, and a brand that is all over the place reflects poorly on the products it sells. Brands that maintain a high level of […]

  • Branded Design Features

    Branded Design Features

    Details added in by product designers that define the brand. Have you ever seen a product from afar and just knew: “Oh yeah, that is a Brand-X product.” Yet, there are some brands whose products look like they could be from entirely different companies. As an industrial designer, I appreciate the details I see other […]

  • Line Extension Examples

    Line Extension Examples

    Many brands find themselves at a point where they have achieved some success with their line of products, and they are feeling pressure from investors and business partners to keep growing. The solution seems to be launching more products similar to their successful product. But 80% of new product launches fail!  Therefore, many brands choose […]

  • What is Brand Equity?

    What is Brand Equity?

    Brand Equity: the portion a company’s value attributable to its brand(s). I have always been interested in why some brands are loved so much that they have a cult following, like Apple, and why people are willing to trade a small fortune to be part of a brand, like Ferrari. These brands are so awesome because […]

  • Is A Brand An Intangible Asset?

    Is A Brand An Intangible Asset?

    Brands are not physical items, but they have real value for businesses. Thinking of a brand as an asset is a powerful idea. Have you struggled to convince people in your organization to invest in branding? Or have you wondered how to conceive of a brand? One way to conceive of a brand and get […]

  • Hot Wheels id Sub-Brand, and Mattel’s Big Problem

    Hot Wheels id Sub-Brand, and Mattel’s Big Problem

    Hot Wheels id is an exceptional example of a sub-brand. It solves Mattel’s big problem: kids and pre-teens are choosing video games over physical play.

  • What is Visual Language?

    What is Visual Language?

    Designers and brand managers are told that a consistency of design is important for the brand they are working with. But do we really know what this means? Or why it’s a good thing? Prior to my work in brand strategy, I was an industrial designer for 11 years. I have worked with brands that […]