3 Responses to “Is A Brand An Intangible Asset?”

  1. Stephen Avatar

    Yes, absolutely! Branding is critical for a business. It’s a bridge between your business and your customer. I especially like your conclusions the most, Colin. “Every business decision needs to answer: will this increase the value of the brand? Anything less than an enthusiastic yes, and the program should be killed.” Indeed, a brand needs to be considered and strategically planned in executive discussions. I appreciate you so much for sharing this article. Thank you.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Stephen,
      Businesses need to think about their brand at the highest level management level possible. And those brand managers of both small and large organizations need to be sophisticated brand masters. We listen to lawyers about contracts, and IT pros about servers… but brands are assets like those, yet few executives appreciate what a knowledgeable brand manager can do. It sounds like BMB and Brand Master Academy have the same mission: make sophisticated brand managers!

  2. Amey Avatar

    Hello Colin, You have given out Great information. Branding and Marketing are absolutely important for any scale business. And agree with everything you said.In recent times debate has arisen between the conservatives and modern marketers over the process of brand evolution. While the conservative lobby is sticking to their guns in terms of staying put with the sacred notion of branding that Brand must adhere to its core values and traditions; new-age opinion emphasizes fluid.We have written a similar blog that goes with your subject. Do check out

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