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Sub-brands can be a strategic tool for brand managers to modify the expectations of customers. We delve into 17 examples of great sub-brands.


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What is Visual Language?

What is Visual Language?

Designers and brand managers are told that a consistency of design is important for the brand they are working with. But do we really know what this means? Or why it’s a good thing? Prior to my work in brand strategy, I was an industrial designer for 11 years. I...


Allen Adamson Interview

Allen Adamson. Author, brand strategist, and teacher. The author of Shift Ahead speaks with Colin Finkle about the pace of market change and how to keep up. It is easy to think of brands that were once dominant but fell off the map: Sears, Blockbuster, Oldsmobile,...

What is a Veblen Good?

Diamonds and Ferrari’s. Goods and brands that cannot seem to charge enough to lower demand. I was taught the law of demand when I went took economics at Carleton University. If something can be made cheaper, then people will buy more of it. If the price is...

Logo Design Trends for 2020

Understanding the trends forcing companies to rebrand will help you develop better logos. Logos are a part of our culture, and culture is always in flux. Aesthetic preferences change, things don’t mean what they used to, and perceptions of logos may not be what they...

Industry 4.0

How Industry 4.0 Makes Our Businesses Better Manufacturing is changing at a rapid pace, thanks to advancements in technology. It’s beyond replacing a few workers with robots. Today’s industry is all about a fourth Industrial Revolution (4.0) in...

How To Design An Exterior Business Sign

A complete guide to help business owners and graphic designers develop exterior business signs that stand out. In my decade I have spent helping brands market themselves at retail, I have designed many signs for inside spaces. I understand what makes effective...

Tips To Make a B2M Website Work Well

Is your B2M website beneficial to it’s users? B2M Companies have a product that appeals to both business buyers and consumer buyers. What is a business-to-many business? A business-to-many (B2M) is a company that sells both to consumers and businesses. They...

Endorsements in Marketing

Defining Endorsement Marketing and a guide to when / how to use endorsements to build your brand. Endorsements are a large part of marketing. Purportedly 28% of Nike’s enormous marketing budget goes to athletes to secure their endorsements. We see famous faces...

Mundane to Memorable

The Noteworthy Scale: Irrelevant, Mundane, Memorable, Remarkable, and Shareable. Make better decisions on creative to make your brand stand out.

Why does professional logo design cost so much?

Clients can purchase logos range from free to tens of thousands of dollars. Entrepreneurs can get sticker shock from some professional logo designer’s quotes. The process of arriving at a high quality logo is requires time and talent, and top quality designers are in demand. A well designed logo can really help your company grow it’s revenue and brand.