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  • Line Extension Examples

    Line Extension Examples

    Many brands find themselves at a point where they have achieved some success with their line of products, and they are feeling pressure from investors and business partners to keep growing. The solution seems to be launching more products similar to their successful product. But 80% of new product launches fail!  Therefore, many brands choose…

  • Is A Brand An Intangible Asset?

    Is A Brand An Intangible Asset?

    Brands are not physical items, but they have real value for businesses. Thinking of a brand as an asset is a powerful idea. Have you struggled to convince people in your organization to invest in branding? Or have you wondered how to conceive of a brand? One way to conceive of a brand and get…

  • Hot Wheels id Sub-Brand, and Mattel’s Big Problem

    Hot Wheels id Sub-Brand, and Mattel’s Big Problem

    Hot Wheels id is an exceptional example of a sub-brand. It solves Mattel’s big problem: kids and pre-teens are choosing video games over physical play.

  • Taglines of the Top 100 Brands

    Taglines of the Top 100 Brands

    “The Ultimate Driving Machine” to “Finger Lickin’ Good.” Here are the taglines of the top companies in the world. A couple of readers were asking for guidance on taglines. Frankly, I don’t know much about slogans or taglines; I have worked for over a decade helping big brands with their retail marketing, and taglines are…

  • Examples of Successful Umbrella Brands

    Examples of Successful Umbrella Brands

    Understanding what an Umbrella Brand or Family Brand is and exploring 15 examples. It can often be a challenge to understand the relationships between products and their brands. Brand architecture can take many forms. The key is to understand examples, and here we have a wide variety of umbrella brands across sectors, from aviation to…

  • 100 Thieves brand profile

    100 Thieves brand profile

    Looking at the culture, apparel, and history of one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands. I have been hearing people in my circles talk about this new name, 100 Thieves, that is doing some exciting stuff to build their brand. Then I watched their video touring of their compound, and I was fascinated. I researched…

  • 11 Examples of Brand Personality In Action

    11 Examples of Brand Personality In Action

    Etro adventurous personality comes through their store front display. Wendy’s has sassy responses on Twitter. Learn ways to express your brand’s personality.

  • Examples of Successful Sub-Brands

    Examples of Successful Sub-Brands

    A Sub-Brand modifies the expectations of a parent brand. Some company’s brand architecture has many sub-brands (eg Hilton) while others have few (eg Coca-Cola)

  • Beyond Meat brand profile

    Beyond Meat brand profile

    No more mystery for the plant-meat brand. The science, history, marketing and future of Beyond Meat. If I could be known as anything, it would be an expert on branding. But a close second would be an environmentalist; I am very concerned about global warming. I have an electric car, I have volunteered for the…

  • Brand Extension Examples

    Brand Extension Examples

    Good examples of brand extensions make for a better strategic position. Bad ones are ugly. We detail examples of brand extensions from Apple, Callaway, Ferrari, Google, Snoop Dogg, Fender, and Cosmopolitan.