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  1. Ankit Kharola Avatar

    I have a doubt. I have a client selling Mocktails. Now they want to do a brand extension with Water, Cocktails & Iced Tea category?
    ‘you think they should create the Architecture in ‘House of Brands’ or ‘Branded House’? Given a choice, I would personally prefer the House of Brands for them but they want to extend with the existing name. What do you think?

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      I wish I had a definitive answer. The only thing definitive I could say is that alcohol brands should be separate from non-alcoholic beverages because there is such a different set of customer expectations. You would not want to make it confusing what has or is made for alcohol and what is not.

      Here are some questions you could ask:
      1) Are the expectations customers have built up from the existing brand an asset or a liability in the new category?
      2) Are the new products fulfill a completely different need? Is it a completely different customer?
      3) Do the new product conflict with the original brand’s values?

      There is a middle ground between ‘house of brands’ and ‘branded house.’ There are successful “endorser brands” such as Cadbury, Nestle and 3M who have their brand on the package but let the sub-brands develop a personality of their own, such as Cadbury Caramilk, 3M Scotch Tape, or Nestle Aero.

      1. Ankit Kharola Avatar
        Ankit Kharola

        Thanks for your answer.

  2. Aloysius Emmanuel Avatar
    Aloysius Emmanuel

    I think also that a brand consultant should also look around for pointers that will help the products fit in into other respective brands and if a specific brand for a product is conflicting the market. He or she can profer a solution as to what rebranding should be made to such product or a new product should be created and introduced to the marketing.

    Thanks for the insight

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Yes, Aloysius. Looking at brand architecture from the role of a consultant is ideal. People in the company or in product development can have a hard time seeing the confusing quirks of the brand structure.

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