4 Responses to “Generating a Company Name That Fits The Ski Lifestyle”

  1. Kristine Avatar

    Hi Colin! Just wanna say a big thank you for sharing your process in such great details! My Facebook page has been named Travelling Calligrapher for 2.5 years now. As much as I like the name it’s definitely too long for logo and for people to remember (and for me to introduce it as well). Still struggling whether I should use my full name or a brand name, but your article would be so helpful if I choose to go for a brand name. Thank you and hope your brand is going strong! 🙂

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Awwww… thanks Kristine! You made my day.

  2. Sophia Pritchard Avatar

    Excellent article and especially thanks for sharing the “Multiply Method”. Its really helpful.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      My pleasure Sophia! I hope you get results from it. Please share if you do.

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