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  1. Ralph Beach Avatar

    Great information. Thank you.

  2. Thomas Schlagla Avatar
    Thomas Schlagla

    Good article

  3. Bunmi Adeleye Avatar
    Bunmi Adeleye

    I had to laugh at the Cosmopolitan yoghurt too. Seriously? They’d have stood a better chance if they’d gone into sex toys or perhaps an anonymous, online radio show maybe. I call dibs on the suggestions for Cosmopolitan in case it blows. Lol! Thanks for the write-up Colin.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Thanks Bunmi! Yeah… the yogurt is ridiculous. As if a magazine has any credibility in food products.

  4. David J. Muñoz Avatar
    David J. Muñoz

    This is a very good approach, I’m getting the point there. Thank you, Colin, to take a moment in the blog to talk about this. It was awesome to see how brands travel from product A to product B and how some wouldn’t seem like a great idea. I won’t buy the yogurt, it didn’t seem that tasty.

  5. Colin Finkle Avatar

    Thanks David. Yeah… sometimes brands take a leap to another product category that is too far for the customers to follow.

  6. Eric Akinloye Avatar
    Eric Akinloye

    I am doing some work on brand extension this is very helpful Colin thank you. I still can not get my head around cosmopolitan magazine and Cosmopolitan yoghurt.Lol

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Eric. Yeah… the Cosmo one blows my mind too because it’s not like 1 person thought it was a good idea, it probably was a dozen or more people to get it through the hoops of licensing and sourcing. But some organizations can be so insular and out of touch, and those bad ideas look good!

  7. Nathalie Avatar

    Identify two well known corporation of your choice that have embarked online extension AND category/ brand extension
    your mandate is to evaluate the extension strategies of the organization you have chosen.

    1. Colin Finkle Avatar

      Hi Nathalie. This feels like homework! What are you referring to when you say ‘online extension?

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